Who Are Our Customers?

We are here for our growing 80,000 customers from different industry sectors, including restaurants, boutique hotels, farms, manufacturing plants, commercial buildings, etc.

We provide solutions for safe, reliable and cost-efficient use of electricity to help our partners power their progress. 

Discover how these solutions can empower you too. 


Did you know that we could give you free business consultation for the following?

1. Site Selection: Prior to building your business, let us check if your desired business location has existing Meralco facilities, so you can avoid additional costs.

2. Upgrade Electricity for Expansion: If you are planning to expand your business, let us evaluate if you need an electrical load upgrade to ensure safety and efficiency of operations.

3. Facilities Estimator: We will help you estimate your cost of facilities in consideration of Meralco assets, such as transformers, poles and wires in your chosen business location.

4. Bill Simulator: We will give you a sample computation of your monthly bill to help you predict and plan for your expenses based on your electrical load and equipment.

5. Technical Consultancy: Allow us to provide you with technical consultancy services so we can give you expert advice, right when you need it.

6. Contract the Right Sizing: We will ensure that you contract the right size of electrical load to optimize electric consumption and promote a safe work environment.

7. Power Factor: We can review your Power Factor to optimize your operations.

8. Guaranteed Minimum Billing Demand (GMBD): We can help you understand and optimize your GMBD to ensure cost-efficient and safe business operations.