Francis Kong and Meralco Biz Partners team up to power business

Neil's Kitchen, Westgate Filinvest City, Alabang

Organizations that incubate ideas are now widely recognized for their role as pioneers and as trailblazers to progress. As the recent years have shown, businesses thrive with new knowledge and solutions introduced to the market.
Meralco Biz Partners extols this mindset in its most recent Power Up Forum Series held in Alabang. Meralco’s business-focused segment had consummate businessman and speaker Francis Kong to lead the exchange of ideas for a more progressive business approach.
Decision-makers from industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and academe were invited to discuss areas for improvement, especially in the essential yet often forgotten energy requirement. Meralco Biz Partners elaborated the advantage of consulting with the utility provider, from the planning and conceptualization of a business, to its full operations.
The company’s energy consultations, offered for free, reach out to budding and seasoned entrepreneurs to help them make the most of their business. During the recent Power Up Forum, attendees were served eye-opening discussions on right-sizing energy load and the special off-peak rates available to the business sector.
Francis Kong encouraged the audience to re-examine their present business paradigm and expand their knowledge with Meralco. “Nobody can succeed alone. We all need the expertise of somebody who is very good at what they do. Take advantage of this forum: share your concerns and ask.”
Just as the conversations were rolling in, Kong imparted a few more words of wisdom to the audience. “Your business and my business will always be challenged. If you consider your businesses successful, it’s both a time to celebrate and be scared. The favorite words of entrepreneurs must be ‘What’s next?’”
Casa del Niňo School Systems owner Faye Acierto shared her delight over the surprise collaboration between Meralco and Kong. “I think we need to have more forums like this, so decision-makers can fully enjoy the advantages in energy. Looking at the potential savings inspires us to expand our business even more,” Acierto said.
Paolo Conti, the Production Manager of popular commissary Conti’s, was also in attendance. According to him, “With Francis here, we are sure to get more ideas. He helps us view our business for how they are now and how they can be in the future.”
A year since Meralco launched the Power Up Forum Series for its business customers and three years since Meralco Biz Partners reached out to entrepreneurs, the company has helped optimize almost 7,000 businesses, start more than 14,000 ventures, and generate up to P150 million in savings for its clients. The forum continues to grow these numbers and reach organizations that are looking for new expansion opportunities.
Meralco SAVP and Biz Partners Group  Head, Engr. Cecile Domingo, said on the Meralco Biz Partners’ vision, “We want you to experience the same partnership we’ve shared with our successful client-entrepreneurs—our ‘Meralco Luminaries—and join this roster in the years to come.”
More forums are scheduled  throughout the end of the year to introduce business owners and key stakeholders to free  energy consultations and Meralco programs that can potentially boost  performance and savings, and the safe, reliable, and cost-efficient services that are now available through Meralco Biz Partners.
For more information, get in touch with a Meralco Biz partner by calling 16210 or browsing power options at

Speaker Francis Kong shows a new perspective in doing business at the Meralco Power Up Forum.

Francis Kong and Meralco Biz Partners Group Head Cecille Domingo empower entrepreneurs with smart business solutions.