Meralco Peak / Off-Peak Program

When enrolled in Meralco's Peak / Off-Peak Program, electricity generation charges are cheaper during selected hours in a week.  This service is best of businesses who can shift a larger part of their operations to off peak hours and Sundays.  Take advantage of cheaper power rates during off peak hours. Meralco’s Peak Off Peak (POP) rates program is a pricing option that can help you: 

  • Optimize energy efficiency in operations 
  • Generate savings from cheaper off peak electricity rates
  • Re-invest savings to expand business operations.

Qualified customers who enroll in this program can significantly reduce their electric bills by using electricity during off peak hours when the cost of generating power is typically lower. 

Pre-Enrollment Requirements :
  1. Requires 3 phase service connection
  2. No VOC, Service irregularity 
  3. Enrollment fee of P27,000.00 (system enhancement and meter) 

Request for a computation now to see if the program is ideal for your business. Call (02) 16210 to speak with a customer service representative or visit any Meralco Business Center near you.

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