Power Ideas For Your Business

Every business starts with an empowered idea but often times is hampered by the operation realities. On top of rent and inventory, electricity consumption makes up a large portion of the expense. Recognizing the need of businesses for ways to make their operations less costly and more sustainable, MERALCO Biz  took the power partnership to a higher level. Energizing for operations is just the beginning-- Meralco believes in helping sustain the business by providing guidance, information and assistance to maximize power consumption and help manage costs.

POWER IDEAS are ways to promote energy efficiency with different types of appliances and technologies tested and proven at the Meralco Power Lab. These ideas further encourage new business innovations, promote safer and more convenient business operations, and support green energy consumption.

Because the economy is energized by the growing community of entrepreneurs, MERALCO is continuously developing and advancing power innovations to support the country's businesses, making life better for every customer served.

Read POWER IDEAS from the following industries: Hotels and Restaurants, Food Manufacturing, Offices, Rubber and Plastics Manufacturing and Construction. 

Hotels and Restaurants

Learn now innovation and energy efficient solutions can create better value for customers.

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Electricity is usually a cost driver for manufacturing operations. Learn how to maximize electricity for operational efficiency.

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General Use

Discover random tips on how to save on electricity for any type of business.

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