Posted June 26, 2014

Experience longer cooling hours and use savings to expand your business. Ideal for retail and office spaces.

Meralco engineers tested a 2.5 hp LG inverter split-type air conditioning unit an a 2.5 hp LG regular split-type air conditioning unit separately in a test room under uncontrolled environment conditions. They operated the unit for 8 hours non-stop and recorded the total energy consumption. From the total energy consumption, they obtained the average energy consumption per hour and multiplied this by the prevailing Biz electricity rate per kWh. The following are the results:


INVERTER 2.5 LG air conditioning unit

REGULAR (non-inverter) 2.5 LG
air conditioning unit

 Consumes an average of 0.42 kWh per hour 
Savings of 0.72 kWh per hour!

Consumes an average of 1.16 kWh per hour

 0.42 kWh costs P4.20/hour 
Savings of P7.41 per hour!

1.16 kWh costs P11.61 per hour