Contract Right Sizing

Every business is required to pay the amount allocated for their GMBD or Guaranteed Minimum Billing Demand by Meralco. This is a fixed cost in the bill, determined by the facilities installed, whether they use power or not. The GMBD ensures an accurate contracted capacity and voltage for your business, providing you with cost-efficient and safe business operations. 

Let’s compute your GMBD

  1. Submit a complete list of energy consuming machinery and equipment. 

  2. From here, we compute for only 80% of the load as your contracted capacity. This ensures that your energy supply will be sufficient based on your load and that you are optimizing the monthly guaranteed minimum billing demand that you are paying for. 


Sample Computation
  • Let’s say you have an applied electrical load of 100KW
  • Your contracted capacity is 80% of 100KW = 80KW
  • Thus, your GMBD = 70% of 80KW; which is 56KW
  • So, if your GMBD = 56KW
  • Your Demand Charge per KW = Php 282
  • 56 KW x Php 282 = Php 15,792.00
  • Add 10% VAT = Php 1,579.20
  • Total Cost of GMBD per month = Php 17,371.20
(This is the base amount you will pay even if you shut down)



Let’s talk about how we can optimize your GMBD, so you can cut on costs and accelerate the growth of your business.