New Service Application


Step 1.  Submission of the Letter of Intent for New Service Application

  1. Determine the scope of your project: type of business, list of equipment, size of facilities, and etc.
  2. Prepare the requirements. (Please see Service Application requirements)
  3. Talk to your electrical contractor to ensure your project is designed according to your power needs. (For a list of electrical contractors, you may refer to the Accredited Meralco Contractor Program)
  4. After the assessment of your requirements, your Meralco BIZ Partner will schedule a site visit to assess your business’ requirements for energization.

Step 2.  Site Visit from Meralco and Preparation of the Project Cost Estimate

Your Meralco BIZ Partner will schedule a site visit of your premises where you will receive the following:
  1. Estimate of Project Cost
  2. Assessment of additional facilities needed to energize your business
  3. Contract of Energization from Meralco

Step 3.  Securing of the Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection (CFEI)​

Secure the CFEI from the local municipality where your business is located. To save time, you may opt to do this while completing all the requirements of Meralco. 
(Your Accredited Meralco Contractor can help you secure your CFEI)



Step 4.  Signed Contract of Energization

Submit all the requirements to Meralco together with the signed contract of energization. Corresponding fees should be settled with Meralco, through your Meralco BIZ Partners only. Once completed, Meralco will construct the facilities to immediately energize your business.


Service Application Requirements:

1. Letter of Intent for New Service Application

2. Valid ID: Any government issued ID (Driver’s License, SSS, Passport)

3. Business Registration: SEC Registration, Articles of Incoporation, BIR Certificate of Registrations, Business Permits

4. Electrical Plan

5. Proof of Ownership: Transfer Certificate Title (TCT), Contract of Lease or Deed of Sale

6. Certificate of Final Electric Inspection (CFEI)

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