Our Existing Services

I. Business and Technical Consultancy

We at Meralco SME partners will help you in the electrical planning of your business which consider your power requirements in light of the many different types of electrical equipment that you need to run your day-to-day operations.
  • Technical Consultancy - We provide SMEs with technical, expert advice on power load requirements to enable efficient operations. This addresses issues on overloading, overheating and power quality. For expanding businesses, we also review the need for additional load requirements, that is, whether an upgrade is needed. 
  • Contract Right Sizing - We can help you determine if you are contracting the right amount of power for your business. This addresses issues where in the past, you may have contract more power than you actually need. (contracting more power than you need impacts your MERALCO bill with a higher GMBD). From our technical evaluation, we can properly advise you on when and how to re-contract the right amount of power for your business.
  • Understanding your GMBD - as a MERALCO customer classified under Commercial/Industrial, you are automatically billed a minimum amount every month called "Minimum Billing Demand". This amount is based on the actual amount of power your contract. We can help you understand the right amount of power you need to contract so you can get billed the appropriate amount of GMBD
  • Power Ideas - We, at MERALCO provides our customers with choices or ideas that can help them earn more, save on operation expenses and create better value for our customers. These ideas can be in the form of innovative technology, energy efficient alternatives, special rate programs, safety & convenience tips, and green energy solutions. Keep coming back to our websites to check for new Power Ideas that is right for your business.